c Southern Cross Space - Earth-observation data and hardware made to understand the changing world.


Experience the Power
of High-Resolution
Earth Observation

High-resolution satellite imagery enables us to monitor changes on Earth as they happen, giving us the ability to track everything from natural disasters to urban development.

Unlock New Dimensions
- Insights on our planet's health
- Real-time tracking of changes
- Infrastructure and environment monitoring
- Energy and defence applications
1.5m - 0.5m
7 bands Multispectral
Spectral Bands
50 kg

Insights on our planet's health

Earth-Observation data enables us to observe every detail of the planet, grasp context, see progressions, and identify patterns, unlocking insights into our planet's health.

Real-time tracking
of changes

Facing unexpected Earth changes, is vital to understand causes and progression to prevent serious consequences. Leverage extensive Earth-observing satellite constellations, for rapid insights into affected areas, optimising effective response.

Infrastructure and environment monitoring

From urban planning and disaster response to tracking deforestation and assessing climate change impacts, satellites contribute crucial insights, enabling informed decision-making for sustainable development and environmental preservation on a global scale.

Energy and defence applications

Satellites contribute to energy sector monitoring by optimising resource exploration, pipeline surveillance, and power grid management. In defence applications, satellites provide critical intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance, supporting strategic decision-making and ensuring national security.

Experience of the group

Services to Governments

Driving national development through space-based solutions.

Full Satellite Missions

From design to operations, we make your satellite missions a reality.

Monitoring Services

Real-time insights for agriculture, infrastructure, and more

Data Analytics

Uncovering hidden intelligence in satellite data.
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